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Dr. Ronal DeMeo Pain Management Specialist 2011 Miami Chamber of Commerce Award Health Care Heores Award and Technology Leader of the yearRonal Demeo, M.D. wins Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce's 2011 Health Care Heroes Award and Technology Leader of the year award
Dr. DeMeo Is Recognized in South Florida and Worldwide for for his leadership in health care, community service, and his invention of life saving technology that is being used to help the victims of Japan's Nuclear disaster.

MIAMI – June 07, 2011 – Ronald DeMeo, M.D., medical director of Meridian Spine & Interventional Pain Medicine and president of Radiation Shield Technologies, was recently named a winner of two 2011 awards presented by The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (GMCC): the Health Care Heroes award, and the Technology Leader of the Year award. Dr. DeMeo, a noted surgeon and inventor, recently received global media attention when he donated more than 200 Demron full-body suits and vests to provide much-needed protection for the rescue workers and other people at the damaged nuclear facility in Japan.

The GMCC awards honor individuals, institutions, professionals, students, volunteers and programs who have made an extraordinary impact in the South Florida health care and technology industries, which are both among the state’s largest growth industries and critical components of the area’s economy. In addition to receiving these awards, Dr. DeMeo was recently honored locally by such organizations as the South Florida Manufacturers’ Association for his leadership as a local manufacturer making a global impact.

Dr. DeMeo, a noted surgeon and inventor, has received global acclaim and been featured in top-tier international media for his invention and donations of Demron, the world’s first material that provides total multi-hazard protection from all chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological threats, as well as bombs, ballistics and heat stress. The fabric, which is stitched into full-body suits, vests, blankets and other gear, is currently deployed by members of the military, first responders, medical professionals and others worldwide.

Barry Johnson, president and CEO of the GMCC, said: “The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Dr. DeMeo for his outstanding contributions to the field of health care, his innovation in creating life-saving technologies, and not to mention his generosity in donating his technologies worldwide to help nations and individuals in need. It is rare for one individual to receive two awards the same year, but Dr. DeMeo truly deserves this distinction, as his pioneering work has brought global acclaim and prestige to South Florida.”

Dr. DeMeo first developed Demron when he recognized a need for better radiation protection for medical professionals from X-ray equipment, and rather than rely on the limited options available, he decided to invent his own solution. When he realized Demron had applications in many other industries, he founded Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) to bring this product to market and established an exclusive manufacturing plant in Medley, Fla. RST has received 13 U.S. and international patents for Demron. “I am humbled to receive these prestigious awards and, as a physician, I am grateful for the opportunities that my Demron invention has provided me in terms of enabling me to protect people and help save lives,” Dr. DeMeo said. “I look forward to continuing to innovate and expand our Demron product line to meet a growing demand for our technologies.”

Dr. DeMeo is actively working to help raise awareness of the need to elevate the standards for radiation protection. Today, he consults the U.S. Congress and other top government and military officials, as well as Fortune 500 companies, and speaks at global conferences to address radiation-protection issues. About Meridian Spine & Interventional Pain Medicine

Meridian Spine & Interventional Pain Medicine is a medical facility dedicated to treating disorders of the spine. Nationally recognized as a center of excellence, the facility at 6 Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables provides patients with the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques and therapies to restore and optimize their health. For more information, visit or call (305) 448-6166.

About Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) Radiation Shield Technologies (RST), with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Miami, is a global leader in the research, development and production of personal-protection systems. RST’s core technology, Demron, is the world’s first and only fabric that provides complete protection from all nuclear, biological, chemical and bomb and ballistic threats as well as infrared radiation and heat. For more information, visit or call (866) 7 DEMRON or (866) 733-6766.

About the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in South Florida, representing more than 400,000 employees of member companies. To carry out its mission, the Chamber involves the private sector in community leadership. For more than a century, the Chamber has been widely recognized and respected for its extraordinary record of economic development and community improvement. The Greater Miami Chamber is a proactive chamber, regularly getting engaged in issues important to its member companies and individuals. Its program of work is organized in five areas: Domestic Business Development, Governmental Affairs, International Business Development, Leadership Programs and Marketing & Member Services. The Chamber is nationally recognized as one of the Top 10 Executive Speaking Forums in America. For more information, visit For more information, call 305 448 6166

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